67_1_ksmap-2xFor those who are interested in helping to make a Kansas People’s History broadside (poster), here are the basic steps in order of timeline:

•    1.  Choose a subject – this can be an individual, group of people, event or other occurrence that you feel has had significant impact at any point in Kansas history (even as recent as yesterday) and that has been under-represented, overlooked or misinterpreted in some way.
•    2.  Do research on the subject – your research can come from established sources like museums, books and other media but also and equally important are sources that come from your own experience, your conversations with family and friends, and your own digging for information.
•    3.  Develop a short narrative about your subject – this is a 100-300 word story that captures what makes this person or moment important to you and communicates its significance to a broader audience.
•    4.  Create or find images to illustrate your story – you can draw, collage, photograph or use any other media to create imagery that illustrates and symbolizes your subject. Even if you choose not to make the illustration, you can collect visual material that will help the artist you will eventually collaborate with.

Dave Loewenstein will be returning to original workshop locations in November 2015 to do hands–on workshops that will help with final visuals and summaries.

•    5.  Design your broadside on your own or collaborate with another artist or citizen historian – this means integrating your short story with the visual imagery/illustration to create your final piece. Your completed broadside should be 11” x 17” inches in a vertical format. You can use two (2) colors plus the color of the paper, which will range in pale shades across the color spectrum.

More specific specifications for how to submit your work will be posted soon. If you have questions about how to prepare your poster to be screen printed, please contact us!

2015-08-27 17.46.27
Great turnout for the KPHP introductory workshop and presentation in Lawrence, KS