The following is the current list of subjects that were collected at the initial workshops in August.  If there is no link attached, the subject may require more research.
If you have a name or subject to add, let us know!

As of 9/22/15…

(from Landon Center, Kansas City)
Rainbow Mennonite Church
Black Panther Party in Kansas
One Struggle – Black Lives Matter
El Centro – KCK
Nedra Bonds
John Brown
Jim Lane
Carl Randolph
Clarina Nichols
George Tiller
Douglas Summer
J.C. Nichols model segregated community
Rectilinear surveying of land
Land Rush
Great American Desert
Mineral vs. Land rights
Water rights
Wichita Aerospace/Defense
Eisenhower Interstate

(from InterUrban ArtHouse, Overland Park)
Indian and Pakistani immigrants
Jewish Prairie Travelers
All women city councils
Lynette Woodard
William T. Vernon
Paul Hubbard
Red Rattler Strange Line
Native American sign language
School for the Blind / Wyandot
Buffalo Soldiers
De’VIA Art for the deaf

(from Pittsburg State University)
Kansas Day
Veterans Day
Battle of Mine Creek
Quantrill’s Raid
Nuclear Silos
Cattle shipments
Little Blue Books & E. Haldeman Julius
Appeal to Reason
Chicken Houses
Fly swatter
Wamego windmill
Button factories
Roadside attractions
Strip mine pits
WATCO – shortline railroad
Hotel Stillwell
Ella Buchanan
Eva Jessye
Louise Brooks
Vivian Vance
Gene Bicknell
Jack Overman
William Allen White
William H. Howe
Larry Hatteburg
Vada Snider
Bender family
Dalton Gang
Steamboat Arabia
Big Brutus
Girard, Kansas
Kansas Artist Craftsmen Association
Sheet metal roof sculpture project
Flat Kansas
Public education

(from Watkins Museum, Lawrence)
Rick “Tiger” Dowdell
Ponka-We Victors
Clyde Trombaugh
Vern Miller
William Inge
Wes Jackson
Marci Penner
Joan Nauthern
Lucy Bigfoot – Kickapoo
William S. Burroughs
John G. Haskell
J. Sturney
G. Fitts
CJ Brune & February Sisters
Thad Holcombe
Jean Ann Pike/Social Service League
Ann White
S.P. Dinsmoor & Garden of Eden
Bill Hatke
Shelley Miller
Lawrence Coalition for Peace & Justice
KT Walsh
George Kimball
1st Black sheriff(s)
Richard Cordley
Leo Buerman
Jim McCrary
Albert Bloch
E. Petrovich
Poison mushrooms
Fracking earthquakes
Utopian communities
LGBT history
Local food movements
Tall grass prairie
Towns under reservoirs
Population loss/urban migration
Medicine Lodge peace treaty
Spinsters Books and Webbery
Castle Tea Room
Vinland, KS
Lecompton, KS
Kansas River navigation
Brown v. Board of Education
Mennonite pacifism
Land Institute
Emigrant Aid Societies
Mexican American softball
Haskell boarding school
Haskell wetlands & South Lawrence Trafficway
Nicodemus, KS
Shunganunga Boulder
Signal Oak
East Lawrence neighborhood
Menninger Clinic & Founders
Great Flood of 1951
Salt Mines
Goodland Heilcoptor
Skateboard barn bowl
Jacob Branson
Mary Lou Wright (Raven Bookstore, Whomper, first Planned Parenthood)
“Whomper” Recycling Program in Lawrence

(from Salina Art Center)
Ft. Riley / Custer
Swedish Lindsborg, KS
Wasa-tusa water tank
Abeline, Wasa-tusa tonic
Seelye’s Almanac
Concordia Sisters – sanctuary movement
Orphan trains of Kansas
C. Sutler
Jack Kilby
H.D. Lee
Robert C. Caldwell

(from La Casa de la Semilla, Wichita)
People’s College – Ft. Scott
Sunflower Community Action
In-state tuition law
7 Latino priests – SW Kansas
Red shirt teachers
Ms. Sperry – Wichita dump
Ackerman Island – Wonderland park
Kobach house – 500 shoe protest
Dockum drug store sit-in
“Migration is Beautiful” mural
La Casa de la Semilla
Westboro Baptist Church – Rainbow house
El Quartelejo ruins
Billy Gardner
Donna Sweet
“Sockless” Jerry Simpson
Charles Little Coyote
Blackbear Bosin
Sister Sylvia
Senator Valdenia Winn
Claudio Amaro
Brother John Ortiz

Other ideas
Amazon Army
Jim Thorpe
John Speer
Langston Hughes
Gordon Parks
Oliver Brown
Gwendolyn Brooks
Aaron Douglas
Free State Against the War (Bleeding Kansas)
Solidarity Infoshop
Charles Curtis
Grandma Layton
Comanche (only survivor of The Battle of Little Bighorn)
Lewis Lindsay Dyche
Kaw Valley Hemp Pickers
David Ohle
Kansas Populists and Kansas Progressives
“Appeal to Reason” newspaper
Carrie Nation
Gary Dorr
Birth and Women’s Center
M.T. Liggett’s whirligigs
Annie Diggs
Susanna Madora Salter, mayor Argonia, KS
John Steuart Curry
Prairie Print Makers
Evolution in Kansas
Jimm Goodtracks
Dan Wildcat
Underground Railroad in Kansas
Birger Sandzen
Kevin Willmott
Harold Ensley – “The Sportsman’s Friend”